Lockdown in England
Lockdown in England

Due to the Lockdown in England, we would like to inform that our Mutual Support Groups in Evesham continue to operate in the same form as before. 


Psychoeducational online workshop SELF-ESTEEN
Psychoeducational online workshop SELF-ESTEEN
How to strengthen yourself for the benefit of yourself and your family?
Let us think of ourselves as if we were thinking of someone who is very important to us and whom we love. 
Free assistance with application for settled status
Free assistance with application for settled status

From the very beginning of the EUSS (EU Settlement Scheme), we have been helping people in Worcestershire who have difficulty in applying for settled status. 

Workshop - How to keep calm and wellbeing during a pandemic?
Workshop - How to keep calm and wellbeing during a pandemic?

NEW GROUP SEPTEMBER 2020 -  Our new project is based on running an educational online workshop for Polish-speaking Eastern European migrants living in the UK. The workshop modules will focus on five key emotions that are either suppressed or experienced more vividly at the time of the pandemic.


New status of our organization  Yellow Scarf CIO
New status of our organization Yellow Scarf CIO

We are very pleased to inform you that our organization has obtained the status of Registered Charity and has been registered in the England and Wales Charity Register under number 1190615 as Yellow Scarf CIO.


Scarf your better self.
Scarf your better self.
Mutual support group for people with addiction.
Scarf your better self.

What we do

  • Mutual Support Groups

    Our support groups are designed for people who suffer from substance abuse such as alcohol, drugs, etc. Additionally, we invite people who have problems with gambling and other behavioral addictions (behavioral addictions).
  • Events

    Yellow Scarf organizes various activities such as bicycle trips, family picnics, mountain trips, etc. We also participate in co-organizing events such as Doughnuts Day, Talk to My Worcester.

  • Support the hobbies

    Discovering, cultivating, and developing hobbies is very important for our health and life. That is why the project "People with passion" was created.

  • Free assistance with application for EUSS Support

    In 2019, together with the European Connections Forum. We started to help residents from the European Union to apply for Settlement Status.

  • Christmas Supper

    Easter and Christmas is a special time for us all.  Every year since 2011 we have been organizing Christmas Supper and Easter Brunch in Evesham.

  • Organize trainings, workshops and courses

    For a number of years, our support has consisted of running Mutual Support Groups and One to one meetings, but the increasing number of questions about extending the assistance offered made us think about extending our service.

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