EUSS Settlement Status

5 June 2020
EUSS Settlement Status

If you have been in the UK for over 5 years and you have continued employment/benefits, all you need is:
- Passport / ID card
- National Insurance Number
- Address 
- Mobile phone with access to e-mail (you can also log in to your e-mail on our laptop)
- Birth certificate (for children only).
If you were self-employed, please bring also documents confirming your stay in the UK for at least 6 months for each year of self-employment.
If you have been in the UK for less than 5 years and apply for the pre-settlement status, please bring a letter or other document from the last 6 months.
The project is organised jointly by the European Connections Forum and Yellow Scarf. 
NOTE: All advisers providing assistance in applying for the settled or pre-settled status hold relevant licenses of Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner

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