5 Languages of Love

18 June 2020
5 Languages of Love

Workshop of 5 languages of love
We live in a world where time passes quickly. We have many responsibilities and little time to stop and look at how we communicate with our loved ones. Increasingly, partners do not speak the same language of love.
We usually use our own language of love and get frustrated when the other party doesn't understand what we want to communicate to them. 
We want love to be shown to us in the same way that we show it, while at the same time sending signals that he / she does not understand.
At the workshop: 
- Learn the language of love of your other half to improve communication in your relationship.
- Speak in the language of your partner's love and see how it works.
- If you are single, learn how to recognize and use each other's language of love. 
So if:
- she'd rather you help her clean the house than make a romantic dinner;
- he'd like to spend the whole weekend at home, and you'd like to go out with your friends;
- She doesn't want help with dinner. She prefers you to hug her...
and you can't understand it, we invite you to our workshop. 
Avoid conflicts and misunderstandings and learn that we have different expectations and different ways to show our feelings.
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