Sself-developmen workshop

9 October 2020
Sself-developmen workshop

We invite you to a series of online workshops on topics related to self-development. These will include issues such as:

- Five Languages of Love

- Assertiveness

- Self-Esteem

- Internal Critic

- How to Talk to a Teenager


The workshop starts on October 28th. The first workshop is: Five Languages of Love.


We usually use our own language and get frustrated when the other side does not understand what we want to communicate. We want love to be shown to us in the same way that we show it, while at the same time sending signals that he or she does not understand.


In the workshop: 

- We will learn the language of love of your other half to improve communication in your relationship.

- Speak in the language of your partner's love and see how it works.

- If you are single, learn how to recognize and use the other person's language of love. 

Those who are interested in the workshop are welcome to contact us. 

Tel 073440634326



We will keep you informed about the next workshop.  

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