Online workshops for parents and carers

5 August 2021
Online workshops for parents and carers

We are very pleased to announce that we will soon be starting a series of online workshops in Polish for parents and carers of children. The workshops will be free for all participants thanks to the support we have received from Worcestershire Community Foundation.
The pandemic has presented us with many challenges and caused us to be burdened with stress more heavily than usual. Children, young people, parents and carers alike have a far more difficult time. Especially now it is important.
  •  How to deal with difficult emotions.
  •  How to take care of the relationship with the growing child.
  •  How to set boundaries.
  •  The development of a bilingual child.
  •  The risk of addiction in children and young people.
We are delighted that specialists from our Therapy and Development Centre will be able to conduct the entire series of workshops. We would very much like the topics we will be discussing to be tailored to your needs. Therefore, we have prepared a short questionnaire that will allow us to choose the topics that are most needed.
We would like you to choose one of the suggested topics or suggest your own.
We invite you to complete the survey and we will see you soon in the online workshop. To keep up to date, we encourage you to visit our website, where we will post all the news.
Please complete a short survey on workshop topics for parents and carers. This is to find out what workshops are most urgently needed and what topics are important to you.

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