Our Team

Ian C. Charles
Ian C. Charles Chair

Mr. Ian C. Charles, the Chairman of Yellow Scarf CIO, has played an instrumental role in the success of the charity.

ian at yellowscarf dot org
Rafał Piekarczyk
Rafal Piekarczyk Co-founder

Rafał Piekarczyk is a co-founder and leader of a foundation that was established in 2011.

rafal at yellowscarf dot org
Igor Zyszkiewicz
Igor Zyszkiewicz Trustee

Igor Zyszkiewicz plays a key role as a trustee at the Yellow Scarf foundation.

igor at yellowscarf dot org
Piotr Bakuła
Piotr Bakuła Supervisor

A certified addiction therapy specialist, accredited PARPA supervisor, experienced psychotherapist, and an active member of the Group Analysis Institute. He holds managerial positions in the Addiction Therapy and Co-dependency Clinic for adults, as well as in the Addiction Treatment Clinic for children and adolescents.

Filip Kobelis-Szostakowski
Filip Kobelis-Szostakowski Facilitator

My name is Filip. I am a facilitator. During meetings I am navigate a group of people to work together better, understand their common objectives and plan how to achive them.

filip at yellowscarf dot org
Agnieszka Gębska
Agnieszka Gębska Facilitator during training

I'm devoted to personal growth and supporting women with various challenges through my work at the Yellow Scarf Foundation, and I find joy in nature, reading, and new adventures.

agnieszka at yellowscarf dot org


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