How to keep calm and wellbeing during a pandemic?

These are: joy, anger, surprise, anxiety, and sadness. The workshop will help participants understand:

  • what each of these emotions are
  • what are their main characteristics and how they differ from one another
  • how to identify each of the emptions, and
  • how the unexpected life events (such as the pandemic) may influence our experience of a given emption in our everyday life.

As a result, we expect that the workshop participants will be able to effectively recognise and direct their emotions, depending on what new life challenges the pandemic has brought onto them.

The content of the workshop is based on the knowledge and experience that our staff have gathered both in Poland and the UK for over 16 years.

The successive workshop modules will be facilitated by an experienced therapist and trainer. The work itself will be carried out in form of online group meetings as well as individual assignments or reflection time.

One workshop block will last 12 weeks and will include over 30 hours of online workshops. As this is a pilot project, initially we are planning on running the program for 3 months. Should we reach the expected objectives and participant’s satisfaction level, we are keen on running more workshops in the future, thus extending our reach to more people I need. We are aware that the educational content is of high importance not only now, but will also need looking into later on once the pandemic eases, and we go back to our new ‘normal’ reality.



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NEW GROUP SEPTEMBER 2020 -  Our new project is based on running an educational online workshop for Polish-speaking Eastern European migrants living in the UK. The workshop modules will focus on five key emotions that are either suppressed or experienced more vividly at the time of the pandemic.


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